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[Up to 35% Off] Organic Pepper Spray formulated in the USA. Choose One 15ml (RM28) / Two 15ml (RM49) / One 30ml (RM36) / Two 30ml (RM64) Units. From RM24.50 per unit. Free Nationwide Delivery


Urban nightscapes are spotted with dangers like ill-intentioned muggers, undomesticated rodents and near-invisible potholes. Today’s Groupon lets you practice caution with organic pepper sprays from Esona, inclusive of free nationwide delivery. Choose from:

  • One 15ml unit for RM28 instead of RM40
  • Two 15ml units for RM49 instead of RM75 (only RM24.50 per unit)
  • One 30ml unit for RM36 instead of RM52
  • Two 30ml units for RM64 instead of RM99 (only RM32 per unit)

999 Bodyguard Security Spray specifications:

    • 15ml or 30ml
    • Contents: Oleoresin Capsicum
    • Direction: Spray distance up to 7ft

    Paranoid notions of moving shadows in the dark are soothed as pepper sprays clutched in sweaty palms provide protection against criminal assailants and embarrassing encounters with innocent passers-by. Lovers of spice and things not very nice take pleasure in knowing formulas contain oleoresin capsicum with sprays that reach a distance of up to seven or ten feet for secure personal space. Those without personal protection systems take heart in having pepper sprays delivered to doorsteps, deftly avoiding unknown perils and unfamiliar potholes.

       15 ML




            30 ML



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